Bunsen Set

This robot pal doesn’t take surprises lightly.

A lot of people are afraid of the dark, but do you know anyone who’s afraid of the light? Meet Bunsen, your resident scaredy quark!

Bunsen makes an easy introduction into the exciting world of robotics. Take him from box to built in just thirty minutes, then flip the switch and watch Bunsen come to life. Point him toward the dark and he’ll look for a place to hide, but surprise him by shining a light in his eyes and he’ll go running!

 Set Includes:

  • 1x Bunsen Kit
  • 6x Challenge Cards
  • 4x 6” Wires
  • 1x 12” Wire
  • 3x AA Batteries
  • 1x Light Sensor ATOM
  • 1x Control Knob ATOM
  • 1x Splitter ATOM
  • 1x AA Battery ATOM
  • 1x Recorder ATOM
  • 1x Medium Motor ATOM
Designed in Boulder
Made in Colorado, USA

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